My experience with Adelo

Dusting off my rusty old blog was on the list of New Years Resolutions this year.  It stuck on my Priority Checklist for weeks, and now I finally got around to doing it.  Happy 2013.

The most recent reply on my blog was about a month ago.  It was from an Adelo rep.  Starting with:

I ran into one of your very negative comment about Aldelo support being terrible.

Well, I made that comment on PMQ because Adelo’s customer service sucks.  They were beyond unhelpful.  Just saying no would have been better than getting the wrong information (which was the only thing they did respond with).

Back in 2010, on a consulting job in Singapore, I came across a problem with the database on an Adelo system.  Local support was impossible because the local rep quit dealing with Adelo.  I had a simple question.  How do I purge customers who hadn’t ordered in 12 months from the system?

Of course, the first thing I did was to look through the manual.  No luck.  There was nothing in either the pdf that came with the system or the paper manual.  So I emailed Adelo.

Their response:  “Data can be purged from the database, These functions are covered in the User Manual as well as the tools manual as there is more than one option to do this.”

Okay.  You would think I must have missed the information.  Purging a database should be pretty intuitive.  Nope.  It wasn’t covered, and I read it cover to cover the second time.  When I asked for the page number, I got this response:

Please understand this information has been in all manuals since 2004.  I can not give you a page number ….

After a month of getting the same answers (read the manual), I got this final response:

Unfortunately we are not able to be more help …

Then they gave me a line about not being the authorized reseller, who they knew had gone out of business years earlier.

This is a case where a simple answer could have fixed what should be an easy problem.  I don’t know what went on before I was hired for the consulting job.  I don’t really care.  I do know that I felt like I got the runaround from some completely unhelpful employees. Now, given the opportunity, I can let other potential customers know my feelings about the crappy customer service I received from Adelo POS.

Was it worth it to Adelo?  Who knows.  Maybe the only guys getting hurt are the resellers like Jack at  Then again, he never followed up either.



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