Credibility in endorsements

I stopped by to dust off my blog today because I felt like making a post about integrity.  A few years ago, Revention POS offered me a free system to endorse them online. Seemed like a good deal.  The red flags started popping up immediately though.  Slow to no replies to my emails, and quite a bit of talk, followed by quite a bit less substance.

Years later, I still think about that deal.  If they offered me a deal do endorse their system, they probably did the same thing with others as well.  That brings me to today’s post.  Some un-named consultant made an endorsement for revention on the PMQ forums on his first post.  I am amazed that the company still thinks that is a viable thing to do.  Sending someone to an online community to make an endorsement on their first post smacks of bull shit.  Especially when it is done over and over again.  I wonder if that ever gets old for them.  Evidently not.

The un-named consultant did come back for a second post and left this reply:

I dont think the moderators of this forum will appreciate your tone, and I am disappointed that I even responded, why don’t you go buy Food tech, or Revention and learn the hard truth yourself, because you are certainly not appreciating the time and effort others are taking to help.

Three things:

  1. I could care less what the moderators think.
  2. If you are disappointed in yourself, then why bother in the first place?
  3. I think you somehow confuse appreciation with being tired of blatant endorsements.



2 Responses to “Credibility in endorsements”

  1. Jack Says:

    I ran into one of your very negative comment about Aldelo support being terrible. All I have to say is that I have been reselling Aldelo the past 12 years. I can’t speak for Aldelo corp. support but our support is second to none. We answer calls “live” most of the time 24/7. We have customers on support contract with us since 2001. Many buyers want to buy cheap on the Internet then go to Aldelo corp. support
    where they are treated anonymously. We build a relationship with our customers. We know them and treat them like friends. If your Aldelo support “sucks”, you are in wrong hands. Call us. Call [company name redacted] and see the difference.

    • pizzamancer Says:

      I am not looking for support. I had a few specific questions while on a consulting contract. Miguel Martinez, Mark Oberlander, and Jeff Moore all responded to emails with zero input. The solution they recommended was to read the manual, which was poorly written and didn’t even mention the problem I had (cleaning up the database/purging 5 year old data).

      As a reseller, you need to reflect on the company you are working with. A fish always rots from the head, and Adelo is a rotten fish.

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